Lisa Polusny

Hi, I’m Lisa, a wife, mother, and National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. I help busy professionals stop stress from stealing their wellness.

We know what we should be doing (eating healthier, moving more, prioritizing sleep and rest). Right? But often, “something” gets in our way and we feel stuck and discouraged.

With my training in functional health and mental fitness, I guide my clients to create healthy habits that feel like second nature.

As part of the process, we uncover that “something” that always seems to mess with our best-laid plans. Often, that “something” is stress – both external and internal (yup, the demands we place on ourselves!)

Stress is damaging on many levels, particularly in the way it influences how we eat. The cravings caused by stress are no joke and it takes more than willpower to avoid giving in to them.

Stress and emotional eating are natural – we’ve been conditioned to look to food for comfort. But when it becomes chronic, we put our physical and mental health at risk. This leads to even more stress. It’s a cycle that’s difficult to break without the right tools (and a restrictive diet is definitely not one of them!)

The Eating Freely Program offers a unique approach to emotional and stress eating. I love the way it empowers people to gain control over their eating without feeling deprived. This program teaches those struggling with food how to finally enjoy nourishing themselves.

My coaching blends Eating Freely, functional health and mental fitness frameworks. With this combination of resources, my clients improve their performance, energy and wellness.

Are you ready to get off the hamster wheel of stress and emotional eating and reclaim your health and happiness?

Request a complimentary discovery call. Together we will determine the best next step for you!

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