Fiona Thornton

Hi, I’m Fiona, a qualified Nutrition and Wellness Coach based in Cape Town, South Africa. I’m passionate about empowering my clients to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Coaching plays an integeral part of my services. It’s important to take time to get to know clients and their habits. I don’t believe in quick fixes. Coaching can help with overcoming obstacles and challenges and with setting and achieving realistic goals. It also helps reveal eating, thinking and behaviour patterns. The support of a coach makes the journey to a healthier lifestyle that much easier.

When I came upon The Eating Freely program, I realised that it was the missing piece of the puzzle for my business and it’s the perfect addition to my services.

YOU deserve to be the healthiest and happiest version you can be. Let me help you on this journey.

In person and online consultations are available. “A healthy outside starts on the inside”

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