Eating Freely™ Meditation 1 – Confidence to Change

As part of your Eating Freely™ Program you will receive a total of 5 audio meditations on relevant sessions.  

These meditations have been created especially for Eating Freely™ by Helen Bradley, a trained Eating Freely Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. 

Listening to each meditation daily, nightly or at a minimum 3-4 times a week will help everything you are learning and doing to go deeper. 

As you will learn in the Neuroscience sessions, part of the work you are doing is creating new neural pathways, or ways of thinking – about both food, and yourself.  Our unique meditations help this to happen.

Your first meditation is called ‘Confidence to Change’. This meditation asks your brain to consider doing something different - letting go of the old way of trying dieting and weight loss for now, and be open to a new way of resolving your relationship with food, your body and yourself. 

If you are using a mobile phone or tablet you should be able to download the meditation directly to your device so you can access it whenever you wish. 

If you are using a laptop or PC for your program, you can download the meditation and email it to yourself. Then just open that email on your phone or device and download it from there. 

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